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Vignerons Du Clair Pays Cotes Rhone Reserve De Labbe Red

Vignerons du Clair Pays Cotes du Rhone "Reserve de L'Abbe"

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Reserve de l’Abbé was the name selected because it represents the quality kept aside for the religious hierarchy.  Before the 18th century, the Catholic Church owned a large proportion of the vines and the cultivation and production was in the hands of the monks in the monasteries.  The « Abbé » or Abbot was the head of these monasteries and the best wines were reserved for the hierarchy of the church.

 Réserve de l’Abbé Côtes du Rhône is a generous and fruit driven blend of grenache and syrah produced in Foncalieu’s vineyards and cellars on the right bank of the Rhône valley. Ruby red in color, supple and light to taste with predominant aromas of blackcurrant, cherry and blackberry and spices.


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