Square, Plumb & Level 2018 Sonoma Red

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Square, Plumb & Level is crafted by winemaker Bill Knuttel, noted for being founding winemaker at Saintsbury where over 13 years he established it as one of Sonoma's premier Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producers. He then moved to Chalk Hill winery, upping their notoriety with his winemaking talents before taking over winemaking duties at another Sonoma icon winery, Dry Creek Vineyards. Bill knows Sonoma and Dry Creek, and where to get the best fruit for the wines he crafts.

For Square, Plum & Level Red he blends Dry Creek Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from Bradford Mountain for its gentle minerality, spicy cedar notes and fresh, young tannin, treated gently to ensure the final product is not over-extracted or over-oaked. Blended together with Cabernet Franc, a varietal only truly embraced in France, but exquisitely grown in the Peterson Vineyard of Dry Creek Valley. The Cab Franc adds notes of dark plum and tobacco with a mildly spicy finish.