Ravel & Stitch 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

$ 21.99 $ 29.99
Unlike everything else in the world, great quality, west coast Merlot seems to be the one thing that is actually getting cheaper, or at least not increasing in price.  Since Merlot’s popularity stateside has waned over the last 10 or so years, prices have been coming down while quality has increased.  For the most part, only wineries dedicated to Merlot are still producing it, and we’ve seen some great ones at great prices lately.  Enter Parcel 41.  The Parcel 41 Merlot shines ruby red in the glass, with shimmering purple undertones. The nose is dark and alluring, with aromas of black currant, saddle leather, and milk chocolate, with a subtle and delicate floral note. The mouth is soft and substantial, with round, mouth-filling tannins layering smoothly with the densely packed flavors of chocolate-covered cherries, spicy black plum, and smoky espresso.