Lost Chapters 2017 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

$ 24.99 $ 39.99
Usually when you find a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon under $30, it is a "cast off" from some other winery, i.e. bottles they couldn't sell at regular price and relabeled or bulk juice sold off on the open market and blended together other stuff to create the flavor profile and price point desired.
For Lost Chapters Cabernet Sauvignon, winemakers Paul Scotto and Mitch Cosentino both agree wholeheartedly that before the first grape is brought to the winery 80% to 90% of the eventual wine's merit has been determined in the vineyard as it is the ultimate contributor to a wine's excellence. only the finest Napa Valley vineyards are chosen based on their history of wines produced plus the meticulous attention paid to the soil and each vine. Together with partner J McClelland they have over 50 harvests worth of winemaking experience and know how to pick the best vineyards to source from and have the relationships to get vineyard contracts at good prices.
A deep, dense ruby color promises a multi-layered profile that awakens the senses with aromas of boysenberry jam, black pepper, cocoa and ample hints of sweet oak. Beyond that, the flavors delight the pallet with bright red cherries and blackberries at entry, followed with accents of baking spice and leather. The finish offers smooth, lingering fruit and vanilla bean.