Freak Show Coffee Voodoo Queen

$ 14.99

New coffee from Freak Show Coffee Company (roasted by Mark from Vortex Roasters)!

We blend a ground chicory with specialty grade, dark roasted coffee to create this wondrously elegant and peculiar coffee with a huge tip of the hat to New Orleans and the traditions in the cafes of the American Deep South with their extensive history in serving similar blends for over 150 years. We pair US grown chicory with Sumatran arabica coffee to create a full bodied flavor that imparts both the earthy notes of the Indonesian coffee as well as the rich nutty and sassafras-like profile in a well balanced cup with a unique essence. Voodoo doll and midnight curses not included.

 Available in 8oz bags 

*due to the blend of ground chicory with coffee, this product is packaged as ground.