California Over Deliverers Case

$ 249.00 $ 390.00
California Over-Deliverers Case $249 (A $390+ value!)

 We've received some fantastic California wines lately that we think drink well beyond their price points.  At Taylor's we pride ourselves on seeking out great wines at great deals and love it when we can sell a wine for less than its suggested retail price (look for all the orange price tags around the store).  But the wines included in this mixed case are truly special and drink better than many wines 2-4 times their suggested retail  And now you can get them boxed up together and at an even bigger discount!

Case includes:

3 bottles Ca' Momi 2019 Rosso di Napa (Napa Valley) - We've heard rumors (but haven't been able to find anything in print to corroborate) that the reason that Ca' Momi's two Rosso (Rosso di California & Rosso di Napa) are so delicious is that they purchase leftovers from some of California's top wineries.  But they take a different track than our Treasure Hunter pals.  Instead of buying finished barrels and bottles, they by "free-run leftovers."  What does that mean?  Many of California's top wineries and winemakers believe that free-run juice produces the best wines.  The free-run juice is the grape juice that comes out of the grapes through crushing and fermenting.  Crushing is different than pressing and just uses enough pressure to bust open the skins, while pressing uses much more pressure to squeeze out all the available juice.  This also squeezes out things from the skins, seeds and stems that can introduce their own flavors into the wine.  We’ve heard that Ca’ Momi buys the grapes left over from some of the Valley’s top wineries that use only free-run juice and gently presses them to get some of the incredible juice from top notch vineyards to blend together with their own fruit.  Whatever they are doing, it works and we don’t know how long it has been since we’ve seen a Napa Valley Red wine under $20 this rich and smooth.  Rosso di Napa is a proprietary blend of premium Napa Valley grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Zinfandel) showcasing the best characteristics of each varietal produces a complex, elegantly textured wine sure to complement thediverse cuisine you crave. Beautiful aromas of blackberries & subtle oak lead to luxurious flavors of cherries, plums & spice.
2 bottles One X Space Man 2018 Moon River Cabernet Sauvignon (Paso Robles) - Paso Cabernet is really on the rise, and the escalating scores and prices of Paso Cab over the last few years means that the secret is out and bargains will be harder to find.  The suggested retail price for this fantastic Cab is $35, but line it up against any of the $70-$100 Cabs coming out of the region and it won't be out of place.  Iridescent purples, blues, and reds flash like a raven’s wing warning the senses of what is about to be unleashed upon them. Lush and dense with aromas of black cherry, warm strawberry pie, and a Carolina smokehouse explode from the glass. The intensity and decadence of the flavors are defined mostly by baked blackberry, caramel, and spice cake.
3 bottles Treasure Hunter 2018 Centurion Proprietary Red (Napa Valley) – We’ve talked extensively in our newsletter about Hunter Vogle and the wines he brings us.  Hunter seeks out over-run production from top wineries and relabels them under his Treasure Hunter label.  He says that the Centurion comes from one of the top wineries in North Western Napa, one that has been around since the 1970’s, they were one of the wineries that participated in a certain famous 1976 tasting, and they sell this wine for $100.  This wine offers remarkable structure and grace surrounded by sublime red fruit and cocoa powder. Cassis, dark chocolate and cherry are entwined throughout and well-integrated into this divine blend. Oak and tannin offer a strapping core of fruit and sweet earth.
2 bottles Treasure Hunter 2019 Halcyon Chardonnay (Napa Valley) – If you love drinking classic Napa Valley Chardonnays like Groth, Far Niente, Cakebread, Chateau Montelena… but aren’t ready to drop $50-$100 buck, then Halcyon is the perfect choice.  The bouquet of fresh peach, ripe apricot and orange blossom and white jasmine is complemented perfectly with the dulcet flavors of lemon chiffon and its flakey buttery crust. Luscious pineapple gives way to toasted macadamia custard and a curtsy of Fantasia Nectarine.
2 bottles Lost Chapters 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley) – While the Treasure Hunter uses his connections to purchase finished wines and relabel them at incredibly discounted prices, the crew at Lost Chapters uses their decades of winemaking and generations Napa Valley connections to get access to some of Napa’s premier vineyards and farm them to their meticulous standards.  Winemakers Paul Scotto and Mitch Cosentino were joined by wine industry veteran J McClelland to form Lost Chapters and use their combined 50+ harvests worth of experience to make the amazing wines at Lost Chapters.  Most of the fruit for this wine comes from the Napa’s Oak Knoll District AVA and it is pretty easy to find Oak Knoll Cabs that cost 3-4 times as much and don’t drink nearly as well.  A deep, dense ruby color promises a multi-layered profile that awakens the senses with aromas of boysenberry jam, black pepper, cocoa and ample hints of sweet oak. Beyond that, the flavors delight the pallet with bright red cherries and blackberries at entry, followed with accents of baking spice and leather. The finish offers smooth, lingering fruit and vanilla bean.


750ml x 12