Great Value Whites Mixed Case - (August/September Edition)

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Great Value Mixed Case Whites
$160 Value for Just $119

That's a dozen great, hand crafted whites for less than $10 per bottle!

Mixed Case includes 2 bottles each:

Ercole Rosado (Piedmont, Italy) 1 Liter - Ercole (pronounced AIR-KOH-LAY, is crafted in a dry yet juicy style in northern Italy, and comes in a cool liter bottle with a handy screwcap. If you enjoy Provençale Rosé and Italian reds, try this charming bottle of Rosato. It has remarkable pedigree for the price, from the famed Piedmont designation known for Barolo and Barbera. Ercole Rosé is made of the Barbera grape which may remind you of a Rosé made from Pinot Noir in a ripe, floral style.  Ercole (Italian for 'Hercules') is produced by a generations-old cooperative of local growers in the Monferrato area. Every Fall, this group of small estates who have soils of calcareous-clay, cultivate bright and balanced fruit to blend together under one label, allowing them to make authentic wines that are transmitters of time and place. Ercole produces this Rosé and a lovely Barbera red. Many folks know the Barbera grape for its bright acidity, and these wines are no exception to the rule. With their freshness, ripe, red fruits and floral, mineral core, they are extremely charming and food-friendly.
Tutela Pinot Grigio (Delle Venezie, Italy) – When we first got the Tutela Pinot Grigio in a couple weeks ago, we knew it was really great for the price and would be a hit, but we had no idea that it would sell as quickly as it did.  Apparently, neither did the distributor, as they also ran out.  Good news is that it is finally back in stock and they’ve promised to keep plenty on hand.  The color for this delicious and affordable quaffer is a pale green tinged, wheat yellow and it has a delightful nose of ripe lemons and apples, a little honey, some lime, light spice, and a floral edge. On the palate it is a light-bodied wine with bright acidity and subtle but crisp flavors. It starts with a nice blend of sharp apple and soft pear, and grapefruit (not too tart) leading into notes of delicious pears with hints of mature chamomile.
Txakoli Primo (Zarautz, Spain) – Txakoli is Spain’s answer to Vinho Verde, but a drier and with a dash more spritz.  Txakoli is a young and fruity wine of modest alcohol, balancing acidity, and medium carbonation. Pure, clean, racy, very slightly spritzy, and packed with truly mouth-watering acidity and lemon/lime freshness, this wine springs around your mouth like crazy, showing you bitter lemon, tart melon, almond...all in a light, piquant, salty-sea-air kind of way that just says: “let’s party”.
Gerberas Macabeo (Aragon, Spain) - Earthy and crisp with notes of lemon, pear, celery leaf, lime, and candied citrus.  Translation “Attention Sauvignon Blanc fans, your favorite new summer wine has arrived!” Viura (also known as Macabeo) is a native grape to Spain that is bright, zesty and crisp. The earthy citrus notes pour out of the glass and lead to notes of pear right off the tree, citrus candies and fresh-squeezed lime.
Hell’Celt Muscadet (Loire Valley, France) - Most residents of the southern United States see a wine that starts with “muscad” and assume it is going to have something to do with or taste similar to Muscadine or Moscato. Please believe us, that could not be further from the truth. Muscadet is a style of wine produced in France’s Loire Valley from the Melon de Bourgogne grape that is light, crisp, aromatic, dry and briny. Hell' Celt is a small production cuvee crafted in honor of Hell Fest, one of Europe's largest music festivals, just 2500 cases made with much of it sold at the festival and at the winery, this fantastic example of Muscadet greets you with aromas of fresh  fruits and flowers (apricot, hawthorn). These notes continue over to the palate and are joined by the varietals classic briny, iodiney, minerality.  Muscadet is one of the world's best shellfish wines!
El Coto Rioja Blanco (Rioja, Spain) – Since its founding in 1970, El Coto has become one of the world’s most renowned producer of Rioja Tempranillo.  Across their sizeable holdings in all 4 of Rioja’s sub-regions, they also have sustainably farmed vineyards perfect for growing white wines.  Their Blanco Rioja is a blend of Viura, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc fermented and aged in stainless steel with an ABV of 12.5 percent. Aromas and tastes of green apple and tropical fruit are punctuated by floral and citrus notes (orange and lime) on the finish and an impressive 92pts from Wine & Spirits.


750ml x 12

Please note that with the uncertainty around deliveries from our suppliers, it might become necessary to make comparable substitutions in our mixed packs as certain items run out.  Thanks for understanding!